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It’s the Little Things That Count

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  Often, the smallest things have the most sentimental value. Your grandmother’s sweater or your grandfather’s watch could connect you to them in a special way. Your mother’s ring or your father’s favorite baseball hat could hold a special place […]

 DUI and Reasonable Suspicion

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DUI and Reasonable Suspicion You may have heard of the legal term reasonable suspicion. This is an important term for any citizen to understand, although it also plays an important role in DUI cases. This guide will explain everything you […]

The Pros and Cons of Asset Protection Trusts

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In estate planning, a popular and powerful tool is the asset protection trust. These trusts bar creditors from touching your assets. Now, in order to establish this type of protection, you have to make sure that you set up the […]

What if There Was No Named Beneficiary on an Account After the Account Owner Dies?

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What if There Was No Named Beneficiary on an Account After the Account Owner Dies?   Following the death of a loved one, their entire estate will need to be managed. In general, this is done through the probate process, […]

Your Will and Your Spouse

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You may not realize how many questions you have about estate planning until you begin the process. One common question is whether or not it is possible to leave your spouse nothing in your will. This may seem like a […]

Power of Attorney Litigation

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Power of Attorney If you anticipate being involved in power of attorney litigation, call an estate litigation lawyer, like an estate litigation lawyer in Allentown, PA. Estate litigation issues are often emotional, stressful, and carry long term implications. A good […]

Estate Planning: The Difference Between Irrevocable and Revocable Living Trust

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Estate Planning Lawyer It is a common misconception that estate planning is specifically for those who are wealthy and have millions of dollars in the bank or in property worth. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, when […]

If You Die Without a Will, What Happens Next?

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Will Lawyer Unfortunately, we will all die one day. When we do, our assets and debts will be disposed of one way or another. However, if we die without having provided a will, the process will be lengthier and more […]

Estate Distribution When There is No Will

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Estate Planning Lawyer   When someone dies without a will defining how they would like their assets distributed, it is called dying intestate. Unfortunately, for the family of the decedent, an intestate probate process can prove to be long and challenging, […]

What Is a Guardian?

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Estate Planning Lawyer in Fairfield County, CT If you’re a parent of minor children, you probably think about what happens to your kids if you die before they become adults. Who will take care of the kids? What about your […]