Income Tax CT

Individuals have to deal with a myriad taxes in life, but the most material one is the personal income tax.

Federal, State and Local Taxes

John advises individuals on federal, state (Connecticut and New York among others), and local income tax matters.

Some of the more complicated issues revolve around employee benefits and executive compensation, including stock option plans, deferred compensation plans, and executive contracts.  Many of the individual income tax issues also arise from business owners with business succession plans and integrated estate plans.

Tax Planning

Part of Income Tax involves tax planning for trusts and estates, prenuptial agreements, property settlement agreements in divorce, retirement planning, and investments.

Tax Audits

He represents taxpayers before the IRS.  He is a trained negotiator that presents your case to the tax authorities in the most advantageous manner possible.  John also handles tax audits and tax appeals at the federal and state levels.

Some states, like Connecticut and New York, have complex and expensive tax regimes which require special planning and extra attention.  So whether you live in New Canaan CT or Mount Kisco NY makes a difference.

It doesn’t look like taxation will become any less complicated in the years to come. You might want to talk to John to ensure business and individual affairs will remain “tax efficient” and you are not paying money you don’t need to be.