A Medicaid Application is a bear.  It requires a lot of information and a lot of records, including bank records for the past 5 years.  Here is what the Medicaid Lawyer normally does.

First, He will meet with clients to discuss whether they can qualify for Medicaid.

He will develop a qualification and spend down process.

He will develop other strategies to preserve assets.

He will guide you on the spend down process and implement any other strategies available.

Then, he will figure out what documents are needed for the application. At a minimum, 5 years of bank and financial information.

You will also need verification from banks on checks, deposits and withdrawals.

He will assist in getting the documentation.

When the documentation comes in, he will review and evaluate documentation.

If the documents reveal problems which effect the Medicaid application, the lawyer will try to develop strategies to overcome the problems.

Generally, the Medicaid Lawyer will have a paralegal or outside party prepare the Medicaid application.

He will then file the application with the appropriate DSS Regional office.

He will follow up with DSS for a decision.

After the application is approved, the attorney will help the clients stay qualified for Medicaid and answer any questions that might come up.

If the application is denied the Medicaid Attorney will attempt to resolve the issue through an agency conference.