Elder Lawyer In Fairfield County Connecticut

How Can an Elder Lawyer Help?

Elder Lawyers help seniors and their families solve the problems that are unique to aging.


Elder Lawyer In Fairfield County Connecticut

Elder Law in CT

They focus on, and are familiar with the special solutions to the problems of Elder Care, Seniors and aging.  These problems revolve around the entire family, children, spouses, medical care, living arrangements, ensuring assets are protected, ensuring their affairs and estate are optimized, getting them superior care, optimizing financial matters,  and  maximizing insurance to minimize risk.

Elder Lawyer In Fairfield County Connecticut

Medicaid Planning in CT

These problems translate into a variety of legal issues which the Elder Law Lawyer Fairfield County CT can solve. Some revolve around Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security planning, Social Security Disability, Elder Abuse, and Nursing Home Resident Rights.

Others are primarily for Estate Planning and include health care directives, powers of attorney, conservatorships, wills, trusts, living wills, revocable living trusts,  administering an estate, investments, insurance, estate taxes, and income taxes.

Other legal issues address Special Needs and various ways to plan for them including trusts and Able accounts which a Special Needs Lawyer can address.

There are different legal issues for elder care, planning for long-term care, resident rights in long-term care facilities and long term care insurance.

In addition, Elder Law Attorneys are familiar with the vast array of services and resources available to the senior community to enhance their quality of life.

Clients normally consult Elder Care Lawyers to either plan ahead or in the midst of a crisis.

Many Elder Care issues are handled by the children since their parents are in crisis or need help.

John combines superior knowledge and experience with kindness, compassion and care.  He helps Mom and Dad and the Family.  These are difficult times and need a soft hand.

John works primarily in Fairfield County Connecticut and Westchester County New York and knows the unique laws which require special planning.

Planning in advance with an Elder Lawyer and addressing problems as proactively as possible help ensure you don’t lose your financial security or control of your affairs.