What it Means for a Trust to Go Through Litigation

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Estate Planning Attorney Establishing a trust can be a great way for a family member to feel relieved about what will happen to his or her assets after passing on. The creator (or trustor) typically writes the names of loved […]
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When Beneficiaries May Contest a Trust in Court

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Trust Lawyer Danbury, CT When a trust is written, the goal is usually to put the trustor and family members at-ease in regards to the future. A trustor may write in his or her trust the names of those who […]
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The Impact a Poorly Planned Trust can Have on Grief and Mental Health

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Estate Planning Law Firm St. Peters, MO Losing a loved one is often, one of the most difficult things that people must endure. Although the end of life is something that can be an incredibly painful process, it is a […]
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Probate Lawyer: Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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Estate Planning Attorney When someone dies with a will, the named executor is responsible for overseeing the estate administration process. If the executor fails to adhere to their duties and obligations, it could be considered a breach. In this case, […]
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Estate Plans When You Have Pets

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There are many different items that people need to consider and make decisions about when they are setting up an estate plan. After all, our estate plans contain the documents and instructions we leave behind up our death in order […]
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Bypass the Probate Process with Joint Tenancy

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It will be advantageous for your heirs if they can avoid the probate process after your passing. One way this will be possible is if you establish joint tenancy for your property. A probate lawyer can help you with this. […]
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Is it Possible to Avoid Probate?

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When someone passes away, loved ones are likely to contend with probate court. It can be a dreaded process, mostly because when complications arise, probate can become time consuming and costly. This is why so many people developing an estate […]
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Tax Considerations When Modifying Trusts

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act became law on December 22, 2017. As a result, people may find themselves wondering if a trust modification is beneficial. With these recent changes, opportunities now present themselves to modifying trusts in a way […]
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What to Expect During Probate

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Probate is a legal proceeding that happens after a person passes away. It is the process of confirming the will is legitimate before the wishes are to be handled by the will executor. The reasons for probate can also include […]
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Why is Estate Planning Important?

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More often than not people tend to spend more time deciding what car to buy or planning where to go on vacation, than they spend estate planning. Obviously, estate planning is not near as fun to think about as buying […]
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