Estate planning updates after divorce

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After your divorce is finalized it is important to update your estate planning documents, as a family attorney Collin County TX relies on can attest. Wills, trusts and power of attorney documents can be easily updated to reflect changes. The […]
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As a probate lawyer Phoenix AZ residents can rely on can attest, historically, the term “Probate” meant the act of proving a Will’s validity. Now it has a much more general meaning, commonly referring to the process that is used […]
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Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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The majority of people can benefit from having an estate plan. It will allow you to choose who you want to receive your assets when you die. You can also include any other wishes you may have in your plan, […]
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Updating an Estate Plan to Reflect a Patent

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Patenting an invention or idea is a way of protecting something that you have developed so that others cannot profit. It will be important that you determine a plan for your patent while you are still living to eliminate any […]
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What is estate planning?

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Simply put, estate planning is a way of making a plan for what will happen to your assets when you die. The term “estate planning” covers a wide variety of strategies people may use to make sure that their wishes […]
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Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid While Estate Planning

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If you have any assets, property or important belongings, then you should develop an estate plan. Regardless of your age, if you have anything of personal or financial worth, then it’s important to determine how they will be dealt with […]
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What To Do With Estate Items Not Listed in Will

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Going through your family member’s items after they pass can be an emotional task, especially while you are in the midst of grieving. You are likely now having to move your loved one’s belongings out of their home and into […]
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Connecticut State Tax Amnesty

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Sometimes you can get away with murder.  Well, maybe not murder but tax evasion.  On 12-7-17 Governor Malloy of Connecticut announced an amnesty program for CT state taxes.  In most instances, you will want to talk to a tax lawyer […]
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Estate, Gift and Retirement Taxes in the new Bill

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The first shot has been fired in the Tax Wars.  In the Republican’s new bill, two items are relevant to Estates and Trusts. First, the estate tax is repealed effective 12-31-23.  The exclusion is doubled until then to $10M per […]
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Connecticut Estate Tax

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The new Budget which was passed on 10-31-17 changed Connecticut Estate Taxes.  Previously, Connecticut Estate Tax started when assets were over $2M and the federal amount was $5.49M.    With rates up to 12%, the Connecticut tax was material.  However, […]
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