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You care about your loved one. You want them to have the best possible care. If you are like most families, the cost of care comes as a tremendous shock ($8K for assisted living and $12K for nursing home, a month in Connecticut). The care that’s needed is often not affordable over the long run.

Nursing Home Strategy

Your best strategy depends on the health of your loved one, whether they need care today or in the future, their financial resources, and other factors.

Nursing Home Admissions

Assisted Care CT

The nursing home and assisted living admissions process can be overwhelming and confusing. There are countless forms to sign and information to provide. If you are not the nursing home resident (i.e. you are the spouse or child), be very careful before you sign any documents. Nursing home and assisted living admission offices will often tell family members that the admissions documents they are signing are “for notification” purposes, when in fact that those documents may be making a family member financially liable for the resident’s cost of care. The best thing to do is to have the resident sign his name on all documents, however illegible, and whether or not the person is capable of understanding what he is signing. If that is not possible and you have to sign for the resident, sign the resident’s name and then sign your name with the words “attorney in fact” after your name if you have power of attorney. Do not sign your own name on anything that has the words “Responsible Party”, if you do, you may have just guaranteed the payment to the nursing home for the resident.  You can  be sued for non-payment.

How Can an Elder Lawyer Help?

As your Elder Care Lawyer Danbury CT, John Sweeney will help you find solutions and knows how to navigate these very complex situations. John will try to ensure your loved one enters a quality nursing home and may be able to implement a plan to pay the nursing home bills without losing all of your loved one’s assets.  Once in a facility, John will ensure that your rights are protected.  John will act with kindness, compassion and care.  He helps Mom and Dad and the Family and helps to soothe a difficult situation.

Contact John to help ensure you don’t lose control of your affairs or lose your financial security.

Connecticut and New York have slightly different laws so it makes a difference if you live in Easton CT or Mount Kisco NY.