John has has extensive experience  in succession planning, sales, purchases, mergers, and acquisitions, which positions him to excel in solving your problems.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Over his corporate career, he has been involved in over 30 deals with a value over $11B.  Some of which have been in pretty exotic places.  The deal size has ranged from a couple of hundred thousand, into the hundreds of millions.

Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions Business Law CT

He has performed many due diligence’s looking for hidden liabilities and overvalued assets.

He’s seen what works and what causes problems. He knows how to do a deal which gets done, people get paid and everyone is satisfied.

John is skilled at transaction structure, term sheets, due diligence, and negotiating and drafting documentation.


John will work with buyers to ensure that the buyer is well informed  about the acquisition target and is pursuing a negotiation strategy designed to protect against downside risk and realize expectations.


He will work sellers to determine long-term strategic planning, advising on alternative opportunities and transaction structures, engage in vigorous negotiation and ensure careful documentation. This should achieve the best possible terms and maximum realization of objectives.

Preparation for Sale

The process resulting in a successful M&A should begin long before a client is focusing  on a transaction. The company should prepare itself for sale by ensuring its financials, tax and legal affairs are in order.  The owners should understand their pricing and expectations.  They should also determine the optimal sale structure for them and pursue it to minimize taxes.

Succession Planning

In succession planning, John will work with the owners to determine the optimal path for succession which maximizes their cash and achieves their objectives.

Call John now to plan ahead and avoid losing money as a result of a failure to be proactive.

Business owners should be aware that Connecticut and New York have unique laws which often require special planning.  So whether you live in Fairfield CT or Somers NY makes a difference.