General Counsel and CFO CT

John offers a service he likes to call a General Counsel and CFO Review,  It is a Legal, Tax, Finance, and Insurance review for your business.

Legal, Tax Finance and Insurance

John will give you an hour of his time to go over all the Legal, Tax, Finance, and Insurance issues in your business. He’ll assure you what you are doing is right and he’ll point out areas which can be improved.  Many times, he can outline the solutions.

General Counsel, CFO or Insurance

Many businesses and people don’t have a lawyer or sophisticated finance, tax, and insurance person they have a relationship with.  Or, often the lawyer or accountant is limited in scope. Sometimes, you just want a fresh look or second opinion.  Sometimes you are worried your insurance agent is more worried about his commission than your well being.

John has an advanced law degree (LLM) in Taxation and is also an accountant with over 20 years of tax experience.

John has been the CFO of a Public Company, a Private Equity Portfolio Company and a division of a very large company.   He has a wealth of knowledge from multiple organization.

Unlike many others, his knowledge is practical and tested in real life situations.

This gives you an opportunity to have a wide ranging discussion on your business and personal issues with the benefit of John’s vast experience.  No obligation.  No trailing fees.  $250, you pick his brain and you are out in an hour.  Call John and avoid losing money.

Connecticut and New York often have unique laws which require special planning.