Business Law CT

Once your business has been established, John helps you grow it by advising on legal issues, taxes, finance, corporate compliance issues, and insurance.

Often the issues facing operating businesses revolve around getting the structure right, having the right written agreements in place, minimizing taxes, tax controversies, resolving employee issues, disputes with contractors, and protecting their intellectual property. The right Business Lawyer can avoid or resolve these issues and minimize the cost.

John also looks after your best interests by finding strategies to limit your personal liability and to increase your bottom line.

He works with business owners to ensure that your business runs smoothly by handling the legal issues and helping make sure the lawyers, accountants and insurance agents are all on the same page.

John delivers practical, yet innovative advice.  He helps you navigate the complicated legal landscape.  You are too small to have an in-house counsel: John can perform that role in a cost effective manner.

When it comes time to pass the business on to the kids or sell it, John has a deep knowledge of how to do this most efficiently and minimize taxes.  He can work with your accountant and advisers.

Connecticut and New York often have unique laws which require special planning so whether you operate in Danbury CT or North Salem NY makes a difference.