Work Injury Lawyers

All employees deserve to go to a workplace where they are safe and protected against injuries. Unfortunately, as a New Jersey work injury lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. can confirm, accidents can happen in just about any work environment. Employees who get into accidents at work may end up in the hospital and be out of work for a while.


Here are the most common types of workplace accidents that you should know about.

Falls from Heights

Falls from heights are more common in certain industries, like the construction industry, and have a high risk of head injuries and other fatal injuries. Workers can fall off ladders, roofs, scaffolding and other elevated surfaces. Many times, falls result from inadequate safety equipment and poorly built structures. Employees who work at certain heights should always wear fall protection equipment.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur in many work environments, from factories to offices, and can result in serious injuries. Employees who get into slip and fall accidents may sustain broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries and neck injuries. Common causes of slip and fall accidents in the workplace include liquid spills, torn carpeting, clutter on the floors, broken handrails and poor lighting.

Struck By Objects

Employees can also suffer serious injuries if they are struck by objects that have fallen above or thrown by someone else. Common injuries sustained in these accidents include head injuries, cuts, eye injuries and internal injuries. These accidents can be prevented if objects are stored securely. In certain industries, workers may want to wear hard hats and eye protection.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Workers can sustain repetitive motion injuries if they perform repetitive tasks, such as typing or assembly line work. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common repetitive motion injury and can cause tingling and numbness in the fingers or hand and weakness. Employees should take frequent breaks and use ergonomically correct equipment to prevent these injuries.

Vehicle Accidents

Workers who have to drive as part of their jobs are vulnerable to poor weather conditions, careless drivers and defective auto equipment. They can get into a vehicle accident as a result. Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, whiplash, spinal cord injuries and internal injuries. If the accident results from the negligence of someone besides your employer, you may be able to pursue a third-party claim. For instance, if the car accident was caused by a driver who ran a red light, you may file a separate claim against the driver.

Machine Entanglement

Those who work around heavy machinery have to be extra careful. The gears, rollers and other components of these machines can cause crushing injuries and even limb loss. Workers should avoid wearing jewelry, loose clothing or anything else that can get in the machines.


If you want to file a workers compensation claim, you may want to speak to an experienced work injury lawyer as soon as possible.