Estate Planning Attorney Ridgefield, CT

Estate Planning Attorney Ridgefield, CTWhat Exactly is Estate Planning?


An estate planning attorney Ridgefield, CT community members choose for assistance can be invaluable for their knowledge. Those who wish to develop an estate plan often choose Sweeney Legal to help them make the right decisions. However, they may not have a full understanding of what an estate plan involves. We hope the information we provide here helps you understand what an estate plan encompasses. A Ridgefield, CT estate planning attorney from our firm can review your options in greater detail.

The main goals of an estate plan are to ensure that your final instructions are legally documented so that your family and the courts will follow your last wishes. John Sweeney is an estate planning attorney Ridgefield, CT locals recommend to others with estate planning needs. He can look at various areas of your life (finances, personal property, individual goals) and provide the guidance you need.

Creating an Estate Plan

An estate plan is intended to protect you and your family’s future. Depending on variables such as your age, your future financial goals and other circumstances, your estate planning attorney in Ridgefield, CT from Sweeney Legal can provide you with guidance. Some options may be more appropriate for you than others. They are listed as follows:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
  • Health Care Proxy
  • Power of Attorney
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Medicaid Planning

Keeping Your Estate Plan Relevant

Once you finalize your estate plan, understand that it should be modified over time as needed. There are many life changes that can trigger the need for changes to your estate plan. The changes may include:

  • A change in your family that is of significance such as a birth or death.
  • A Divorce.
  • Your executor, agent, power of attorney, and/or trustee dies or you wish to replace them.
  • There is a change in your employment circumstances.
  • There is a change in your financial situation.
  • You receive a large inheritance.

It is not uncommon for people to feel distressed over the thought of writing a will and dealing with estate planning issues. It can be an emotional process because an estate plan comes into effect if you become unable to make decisions or have passed away. As an estate planning attorney Ridgefield, CT families trust, John Sweeney of Sweeney Legal can ease the difficulties by taking care of as many details as possible and helping put your mind at ease.

An Estate Planning Attorney Ridgefield, CT Residents Turn To for Experience

Due to the frequent changes in laws and regulations that can affect inheritances, estate taxation, and other issues, hiring an attorney should be at the top of your priority list. By choosing an estate planning attorney from Sweeney Legal, you can get answers to your questions. If you have any concerns during the process, they can be addressed as well.

John Sweeney makes an effort to spend time with each of his clients in order to understand their needs. With an understanding of your long-term goals and desire to take care of your family, he can help you develop the estate plan that best works for you. Contact him by calling 203-216-6877 or emailing him at to get a consultation with an estate planning attorney Ridgefield, CT.