Dad lived in Fairfield County Connecticut.  He was a proud man who did not want help from his kids.  His wife had passed away a few years ago.

He came in with a tangled state of affairs, assets all over the place, an old Will, no health care directive and no Power of Attorney.

We sat down with Dad and went over all his assets.  We sorted out how they were titled and what would pass under his Will.  We discussed his assets, where they were and his overall investment plan.  We went over his plan for giving his assets to his children and one with special needs.

We managed to sort all this out and make things clearer and more straightforward.  We re-titled assets so they would go to the right people in an even split.  We set up a special needs trust and funded it.  We considered Medicaid Planning and preserving his assets. We updated his Will and put in place a Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney.  We helped him review his investment plan, get his investments in one place and get them invested properly with a plan.

In the end, his affairs and estate were properly organized and he had peace of mind.

Practice area(s): Estate Planning