Wills Lawyer Ridgefield, CT

When speaking to your lawyer about estate planning, he or she may have suggested that you have a legal will in place for when you die. You may have wondered, however, what exactly a will is and why it is necessary for you to have one. By knowing what a will is and having it in order, you can better prepare your loved ones and your estate for your passing. This can make the division of assets a smoother process after you are gone.

What is a will?

Simply stated, a will is a legal document often drawn up by a lawyer that lists your last wishes for the division of your property and assets when you die. It can also list your wishes for placement of your children if they are still minors at the time of your death. A will can list the plan for dividing your possessions among your family members and allow them to have a clear outline to use. A lawyer can keep this document safe and update it as you need to make changes, for example, with the birth of a new child or a divorce from a spouse. By seeking an attorney’s advice when writing your will, you can have an experienced professional guide you in the legality of distributing property to your heirs.

Why do I need a will?

You may wonder how a will pertains to your current situation. Perhaps you are young or just do not know if you have enough assets to divide among your relatives when you die. However, a will can also protect your children, as you can name a guardian for them in the case of your untimely death. This ensures that your child is placed in the home that you choose for them. Also, without a will, any property or possessions that you have acquired are distributed by the state as the state sees fit. By default, your assets are usually passed to your spouse or children, depending on the state in which you reside. If you are unmarried with no children, typically your closest living relative receives the estate.

Planning for your family for after your death can be a way of caring for them while you are still alive. Having clear instructions for them to use after your passing can ease their grief and cause less stress during an already difficult time. If you have not already made the step in your estate from Sweeney Legal planning of writing a legal will, contact your wills lawyer in Ridgefield, CT today to set up an appointment to take care of this necessary document.