Wills and Trusts Law Firm South Salem, NY

Wills and Trusts Law Firm South Salem, NY

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At our wills and trusts law firm in South Salem, NY, Sweeney Legal, we know that some clients are going to be new at estate planning. If this is you, we understand that the process probably seems quite daunting. The components of your estate planning documents are going to represent what is most important to you, your legacy, and what you have built over the course of your lifetime. 

Because of how impactful writing an estate plan can be, many people shy away from the task until they absolutely have to. Along with having to make big decisions, you will have to become familiar with strategies and tools that are unfamiliar. However, thankfully you have our team to rely on for questions, concerns, and guidance. 

Here is a quick beginner’s guide to estate planning. For more information and personalized insight, call us at Sweeney Legal today! 

What is Estate Planning?

When most people consider writing an estate plan, they may already know that they will have to create something called a will or trust which includes their wishes on what happens after death. These certainly are key aspects of estate planning, but there is more that may need to be done. For example, after a consultation we may suggest other elements of estate planning, such as a:

  • Designating beneficiaries
  • Revocable living trust
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Digital asset trust
  • Power of attorney
  • Letter of intent
  • Advanced directive
  • And more

As someone who is fresh to all things estate planning, you don’t have to worry about not knowing very much. The lawyers at our South Salem, NY wills and trusts law firm can handle the legal side of things so that you are guided every step of the way. Another benefit to hiring a lawyer to work with you for this task is that we will have your best interest in mind at all times. Unlike other parties, we will have no bias or influence in how you create your estate planning documents. Our only concern will be ensuring that your estate plan is legally binding and encompasses the full extent of your wishes. 

Why is Estate Planning Important?

Despite what people may think, anyone and everyone can benefit from having an estate plan. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have. The purpose of an estate plan ultimately is to protect your assets from being handled by the government after your passing. By writing an estate plan, loved ones will receive the money or treasures you want them to have sooner. If someone passes away without having an estate plan, then the court will disperse any property and money based on state intestacy laws. Without an estate plan, there is no guarantee that your legacy will be passed on in the way you would have wished. 

If you need assistance regarding your estate plan, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or seasoned, as we are here to help. Call us at Sweeney Legal, your local wills and trusts law firm in South Salem, New York, for support right away!