Business Lawyer in Newtown, CT

Business Lawyer in Newtown, CTBusiness Lawyer in Newtown, CT

Every business owner should consider the services of a business lawyer in Newtown, CT. You need the vital assistance that seeking legal counsel for your business can provide. We know that you have poured everything into your business. Because of this, you should take the time to safeguard your business with an experienced business lawyer who can help your business to thrive while also managing issues as they arise. As a business owner, you may feel unsure why you might need to retain a lawyer like Sweeney Legal, LLC. Let us help to guide you and answer all the questions you may have. 


What situations might call for a business lawyer?

Owning your own business carries significant liability. Along with the investment that you have made, you have also put forth blood, sweat, and tears to boot. After financially investing so much into your business, investing in a business lawyer may seem like an unnecessary addition. However, calling on the services of a business lawyer can provide several advantages. The following are reasons you may need to contact legal services for your business:

  • When determining the structure of your business
  • When dealing with employment issues
  • When developing contracts or dealing with contract disputes
  • When developing partnership agreements
  • When planning for retirement
  • When considering tax implications
  • When managing employment law matters

Is it essential to retain a business lawyer right from the start?

It may be challenging to consider a business lawyer’s services in Newtown, Connecticut right from the start. As a savvy business person, you may believe that you can manage your business without a lawyer’s assistance. However, by reaching out for our help, we can save you time, energy, and money in the long run. 


How can I find a business lawyer with the experience that I need?

When considering whether you need a lawyer, you must find a lawyer with the experience you need. All lawyers have areas that they choose to focus on. Searching for a lawyer with expertise in business law can assist you in setting the business up for success. Take the time to find a lawyer by:

  • Conducting a proper Internet search
  • Speaking with people you know who have experience in business law
  • Scheduling a consultation with a business lawyer
  • Preparing for your appointment with a list of questions

What are the benefits of meeting with a business lawyer?

Get ahead of any issues and properly plan your business by meeting with a business lawyer to discuss your needs and how they might support you. A lawyer can provide you with a variety of benefits. Not only can they answer the number of questions you have, but they can also help you strategize carefully and handle any issues you may be facing. 


We know that you are looking to set your business up with every opportunity possible at achieving success. At Sweeney Legal, LLC, We are motivated to help our clients manage legal issues as they arise and seek the success they have worked so hard to achieve. Get started today with our business lawyer in Newtown, Connecticut. 


Employment Issues That Call for a Lawyer

Our business lawyer in Newtown, CT, has seen employers and business owners find themselves facing complicated issues surrounding employees too many times. If not handled with proper care, business owners may find themselves facing legal entanglements that could have otherwise been mitigated. While any employer should have some basic knowledge of human resources, it’s also critical to understand basic employment law matters to ensure that you develop plans and make considerations for crucial employment issues. This is a primary reason to work with a law firm such as Legal Sweeney, LLC. We provide valuable resources, guidance for employers, and legal strategy; schedule an appointment today. 


Human Resources and Employee Relations

Human resources is a department of a business that manages employee relations. This includes all things related to employees, such as onboarding, recruitment, retention, training, promotions, salaries, and more. As a business owner, you will need to have policies in place for your employees observed by the agency. Common employment issues that leaders and supervisors may contend with include:

  • Interpersonal Issues
  • Job Performance
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Job Satisfaction
  • +More

When managing such issues, knowing employment law will be critical. If you are a human resources professional or business owner, having knowledge of the following can ensure that you are not making missteps related to your employees:

  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Equal Pay Act
  • Fair Labor Standard Act

When not properly managed, more significant issues may result. Contacting our business lawyer in Newtown, CT, as soon as possible, will be critical to ensure that business owners receive the necessary guidance. 


Reasons to Call a Lawyer

To ensure that your business is appropriately run and promote a safe and healthy work environment, it’s critical to keep employment law issues at the forefront. As a leader or business owner, your response can make all the difference when it comes to managing employee complaints and problems. The following are reasons to call a lawyer for employment issues:

  1. To assist with developing and drafting employment policies.
  2. We know that employers often have no intention of breaking any laws and may do so unknowingly. However, employment law is complicated, and an experienced lawyer’s counsel may be necessary. 
  3. To ensure ongoing communication with a professional to check in around ongoing employee matters.
  4. So that they can review the employee handbook when it is developed and as changes are made. 
  5. If an employee has made a complaint with the EEOC, you will have a lawyer to contact for counsel and representation.
  6. To ensure that proper procedure when firing an employee or employees must be laid off. 

As a business owner, we know that contacting a lawyer for employee affairs may be the last thing on your mind. However, having an attorney who can advise you, answer questions, and represent you should an issue occur, you can reduce problems and mitigate issues as they arise. 


How can a business lawyer help me with a contract dispute? 


When you own your own business, you know it relies on the contracts and agreements that you make with clients, customers, and other businesses. Thus, when you enter into a contract with another party, you are making a legally binding agreement that states each party involved must hold up their end of the deal. If the other party does not fulfill their end of the contract, you may have a lawsuit. Each party involved in the contract should understand what their roles are, what they are supposed to deliver, and what the consequences are. You may have a contract with a food company to bring breakfast in for your employees twice a week. If you have paid them and they do not deliver food, this is an example of them not delivering a service as outlined in the contract. 


What kinds of contract breaches are there? 


As a Newtown, Connecticut business lawyer knows, there are a few types of breaches. 

  • Minor contract breaches. This occurs when a part of the contract was breached but the rest of the contract remains intact. The essence of the contract is still there and the remaining portions of the contract can be completed. There is typically little damage done due to the minor breach. 
  • Anticipatory contract breaches. When one party believes that the other party will not hold up their end of the bargain, this is an anticipatory breach. When one party does not respond to contract obligations or places themselves in a position where they would not be able to hold up their end of the contract, it is possible for the non-breaching party to end the contract.
  • Material contract breaches. If one party commits a material breach of contract, this means that both parties are then unable to carry out the remainder of the contract. Because of how severe the breach is, the contract is ended and the non-breaching party may wish to file a lawsuit. 

Can an attorney help me file a lawsuit with minor contract breaches? 


Minor contract breaches can still result in a lawsuit. The important thing that your attorney will want to show is that you still suffered from damages due to the minor contract breach. An example would be if you hired a contractor to lay flooring in your building. If you paid for floors that cost $40,000 but the contractor substituted it with floors that cost only $25,000, there would be damages. 

Employee issues and contract breaches can have a far-reaching impact on a business and company culture. When an employer does not correctly follow employment law or poorly manages employee affairs, it can produce a toxic environment for all involved. Additionally, business owners may find themselves facing more significant problems, including litigation with employees. All of these factors can have an impact on a company’s public image and productivity levels. Contacting our business lawyer in Newtown, Connecticut, at Sweeney Legal, LLC, for guidance can ensure that you have the right policies to prevent bigger problems down the road.