Probate Lawyer

Have you been wondering if a probate lawyer is right for you?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been given the role of being in charge of someone else’s estate or planning your own, a probate lawyer is a good thing. They make the process of planning an estate easier and can help you from running into problems that could be costly later down the road. But how do you know you need one?

Keep reading to find out why we think a probate lawyer is necessary to have in your corner.

  • Keep the Family from Conflict 

Hiring a probate lawyer might prevent needless family conflict when it comes to the estate. Typically, without a lawyer, many family members want to be a part of the probate process, which can only add more conflict and confusion to the mix. If you don’t allow them to take part, they may feel that you are hiding something. However, the more people get on board, the more difficult the process becomes.

Tensions can arise, and some people can disagree on the best way to approach probate issues. A lawyer can get ahead of this potential conflict and offer clarity for questions other family members might have. It also reduces the chances of someone being accused of not handling the estate properly.

  • Prevent Claims Against the Estate 

It is fairly common that when someone passes away there’s at least one defendant who tries to make a claim against the estate. The most common reason for this is when a family member or spouse wasn’t mentioned in the well but feels like they should have been. Beneficiaries can also make claims against the estate if they feel that it isn’t being distributed correctly. Having a lawyer on your team can help with the process and help you get rid of claims about using this state for personal gain.

  • Answer Questions 

There is a high likelihood that you’re going to have questions as you go with the probate process. Some of them are who do you need to notify about the process, do all assets need probating, and what should you do with the deceased had debt? A probate lawyer can answer all these questions and more. If probating isn’t done correctly, you could be personally liable for the mistakes. So having a lawyer on your team makes the most sense with probate.

  • Avoid Overpaying 

While you work to resolve debts, there’s always a risk that you might accidentally overpay. Other mistakes can happen, such as underpaying or paying incorrectly. You also need to have the right legal documents to let creditors know the account holder has passed away. This can be incredibly confusing, especially during the grieving process. A probate lawyer will be able to handle all of this and ensure that you aren’t overpaying or underpaying what needs to be paid.

If you have more questions, then reach out to a probate lawyer, like the team at Theus Law Offices, for more information about how a lawyer can make this process easier.