Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is something that many people do not think about or do not wish to think about. However, it is a very important plan to have in place. When someone passes on without an estate plan it can leave loved ones, close friends, and family members in a difficult position. Fighting can ensue between family members or loved ones when certain individuals believe they are entitled to something from the estate. Putting together a detailed and comprehensive estate plan can alleviate those struggles and allow things to fall into place securely following an unfortunate passing away. Let’s learn more about the different facets of estate planning and what’s included in an estate plan.


Is a Lawyer Needed to Set up an Estate Plan?

While it is generally not required to have a lawyer draft and set up an estate plan it certainly makes it significantly easier. Reading through the different laws, statutes, and other items within the legal process can be daunting and time-consuming. An experienced estate planner or estate planning lawyer can help set these types of plans up in a significantly smaller amount of time than someone doing it on their own. The details of these plans are critical and if one seemingly small step is skipped over it could lead to headaches for you or your family later on down the road. It’s important that the necessary steps are taken and that every detail is thought out. That is why many people turn to a professional for help with these types of plans.


What Types of Documents Are in an Estate Plan?

There are quite a few different types of documents that can be included in an estate plan. These include wills, living wills, powers of attorneys, and more. An estate planning lawyer can go over in more detail about all of the different types of documents to include in an estate plan. Lawyers that deal in estate planning generally have the knowledge, skills, and experience to draft and put in place a comprehensive and secure estate plan to make things easier for you and your loved ones down the road. An estate plan can help protect the assets that you or your loved one have worked hard in obtaining. In turn, you or your loved one can choose who those assets will be passed on to when the time comes.