Real estate purchases and sales are a major source of income for numerous individuals. Entire companies are sometimes also based around real estate transactions. While buying and selling may seem rather straightforward, there are quite a few issues that could arise when dealing with real estate. Consider seeking out an experienced and skilled real estate litigation lawyer to help out with any disputed transactions or other problems that may come up within a real estate transaction or construction of a property. 

Common Real Estate Problems

There are many different problems that can arise within the wide scope of real estate. While some of these issues are minor, others can be a major hindrance and headache to getting a deal done or a property built. These include:

  • Landlord-tenant problems – Leasing issues, landlords not fixing appliances, tenants not paying rent, etc. 
  • Zoning issues with what can be built when and where – Certain areas are zoned by local governments or state governments to be for residential, commercial, historical, and other purposes.
  • Property boundaries – Boundaries exist to divide properties and when they aren’t divided properly it can lead to problems.
  • Real estate transactions – The finances of a real estate deal can sometimes come into question which may require legal counsel to assist with. 
  • Contract breaches – A breach of contract or a contract that omits certain important details are problems.
  • Land use/Titles – A lawyer can help to answer questions regarding proper land use and titles. 
  • Constructing of real estate/properties – Local and state laws may come into question over the purpose of a property and where it is built.
  • And more

These are just a few of the more common reasons that a problem may arise within the realm of real estate. A lawyer can help explain the details better and to help you decide if you have a case or not.

How a Lawyer Can Help

If an issue has arisen that is difficult to solve and may be questionable legally, then having legal counsel on your side can help solve the problem. An experienced and skilled real estate litigation lawyer, like a lawyer from Eric Siegel Law, should be contacted. Ensure that you ask them about their prior experience with these types of issues and how they went about solving them. That way you can know for sure if they are the correct legal representative to assist you with your issues.