As an estate planning lawyer in Minneapolis MN from a firm like Johnston | Martineau, PLLP can explain, estate planning is critical for anyone with assets. There are many online options for those who wish to handle the creation of wills, health care proxies, and trusts on their own. Their low cost, convenience, and ease of use make them tempting to use. Hiring an estate planning attorney is a much better decision. Here are a few reasons why.

Assurance of Legal Complicity

The laws surrounding estate planning are complex. Anyone who isn’t devoted to the topic cannot be expected to know everything. This makes mistakes practically inevitable. The best way to assure that everything meets the legal requirements is by having a licensed estate planning attorney on your side. You’ll be able to relax knowing that every piece of paperwork meets government regulations.

Assurance of Accuracy

When writing your own legal documents, it’s possible that you’ll forget an important matter. You might word your desires in a way that’s up to interpretation, or doesn’t properly reflect your intentions. An estate attorney is skilled at penning passages that clearly express client wishes in a legally effective manner, as well as assuring that important issues aren’t overlooked. At the least, you won’t be wasting time and money on documentation that is invalid.

Assurance of Appropriate Updates

Occasionally, estate laws change. When this happens, relevant documents may need to be altered. A qualified estate planner is aware of legal adjustments being passed and how they impact you. By yourself, you are likely to miss these transitions. An estate planner can easily amend a trust or add a codicil to a will that reflects new circumstances. The same is true if your life situation or desires take another direction.

Assurance of Knowledge and Support

By hiring an estate planner, you’ll always have someone you can turn to if you have questions or concerns. The opportunity to make follow-up inquiries provides assurance that you understand what everything means. In the event of a death or other major event that causes an element of your estate planning to go into effect, your attorney can lend an ear, as well as handle the burden of any administrative responsibilities. You’ll be thankful for having this advantage in your moment of grief.


Preparing for the future can be burdensome, and estate planning is often costly, but ignoring the responsibility comes with a heftier price. Hire an attorney versed in estate planning and get your affairs in order.