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If you have been harassed by a debt collector and are tired of dealing with incessant calls, you can rely on an attorney for assistance. We understand those debt collectors may use whatever strategies necessary to get payments from debtors. These tactics can be threatening, aggressive, and actually illegal. We can help you seek compensation for the pestering and unprofessional behavior of such an agency.


The Driving Force of Debt Collectors

Debt collectors are usually motivated by one driving force, which is to make money. They may not be compassionate when a person falls on difficult financial times, where they are barely even able to keep food on the table. When a debtor is in such a monetary crisis, they may not be able to pay on-time into outstanding debts.


When Debt Collection Calls Become Illegal

Debt collection harassment occurs when an agency does not follow rules and regulations established under state and federal law, in how often and what manner a debtor can be contacted. Those who are unsure whether they have been harassed by a debt collector can talk further with an attorney.  If you have suffered any of the actions below, it is very likely that your rights have been violated: 


  • You are being pressured to pay more than what you owe
  • You receive persistent calls to your cell phone, home line and workplace
  • The debt collector uses profane and/or hostile language 
  • The debt collector threatens that you will be arrested if you do not submit a payment to them quickly
  • The debt collector contacts your friends, family or a third party to try and get more information about you
  • The debt collection representative pretends to be an attorney and states that action is being taken against you for not paying
  • Your requests for debt amount verification goes ignored
  • Both your written and verbal requests for communication to cease has not been successful
  • Other threats that are illegal and have no foundation of truth


Filing a Lawsuit for Debt Collection Harassment

An attorney can help you decide whether filing a lawsuit is the route you wish to take. Taking legal action can be an intense process, so it helps to have an attorney by your side to offer advice and guidance as needed. The agency may have to pay you compensation for every illegal call they made to you. We recommend keeping as much proof as you can, including call logs, voicemails, letters, and any other way they have tried to contact you. The more evidence you can bring forward in your case, the higher your chances are of a substantial monetary award. 


Please contact our law firm right away if you are being pestered by a debt collection agency. We can help protect you and see that the agency is held responsible for their actions. Do not let the debt collector continue to flood your voice mailbox, call today to receive a consultation with an attorney, like a debt collection lawyer, to learn more about how we can fight for your rights.