Being hit by a truck as a passenger vehicle driver can result in disaster, severe physical injuries and car damages. If you were recently hit by a semi, you can rely on the support of a truck accident attorney for legal counsel. We have been devoted to helping our clients seek financial retribution against the truck driver or company responsible for years. We can understand that you may currently be paying out of pocket for medical expenses due to this accident. We can help you strategize and create a plan to seek repayment for your injury costs.


In this article we have covered some information regarding truck vs passenger vehicle accidents, and why they may happen while sharing the roadway.


Fatigued Drivers

It is not uncommon for a semi or commercial truck driver to be overworked, fatigued and sleepy while behind the wheel. The demands of driving for hours at a time in order to meet deadlines can wear on even the most skilled and seasoned driver. At times, the roads truck drivers must cruise down are straight, boring highways. Truck drivers may lack the mental stimulation needed to stay awake, and often do not take sufficient breaks needed in order to re-energize. Driving while sleepy not only can endanger the truck driver, but other vehicles on the roadway.



This leads us to our next point, as tired truck drivers who are sleep-deprived may actually go through brief periods of sleep while behind the wheel, and not even be aware this is happening. The term used to describe this occurrence is called micro-sleep, and is the body’s desperate attempt to get in snooze time after operating so long without rest. Even a few seconds of micro-sleep is enough for a driver to verge off the road, swerve into the next lane or miss a red light at an intersection.


Weight Differences

A truck crashing into a passenger car while carrying thousands of pounds in cargo can quickly lead to fatalities. The maximum weight for an 18-wheeler truck is around 80,000 pounds, while the average weight for a standard car is 3,000-5,000. A truck of this size can easily impact dozens of cars on a highway, if the truck were to crash or turn-over.


Hazardous Materials

Commercial trucks carrying cargo are not always filled with goods, but may be carrying very dangerous and hazardous materials. In the event of a car collision, the other vehicle could become covered in waste or life-threatening chemicals. A truck may be hauling any of the following kinds of harmful material:

  • Explosives
  • Combustible Solids
  • Radioactive Equipment
  • Flammable Gases/Liquids
  • Oxidizers
  • Corrosives

Please contact us right away so we can be of legal help during this time. We can provide support, advice and representation for your physical and financial losses.