Going through your family member’s items after they pass can be an emotional task, especially while you are in the midst of grieving. You are likely now having to move your loved one’s belongings out of their home and into the hands of chosen beneficiaries. However, you may not be sure what to do if you come across estate items that were not assigned or listed in the will. Here are some tips that can help you decide where the remaining pieces will go.


#1 – Decide Which Items May Be Worth a Monetary Amount

Do some research on your own to find out if any items can sell for a significant amount of money. You can try online searches, visit antique stores and even call auction houses to inquire.


#2 – Hire a Professional Appraiser or Expert

If your search ends without much lead, try consulting with an expert or appraiser. These professionals can give you a realistic estimate of how much certain items may sell for, and which are not worth your time trying to market.


#3 – Allow Family Members to Have First Chance

This may be one of the most important aspects of handling estate items not listed in the will. Make it a point to contact family members so they have a chance to take any belongings of importance. It is likely that close family members will want a cherished object to have in memory of their loved one.


#4 – Host an Estate Sale

You can advertise online and in newspapers about hosting an estate sale on a chosen date and time. Estate sales can be popular because people understand you are trying to help clean out the home, and may be willing to sell items for a thrifty price. It may be sad to see some things go, but in the end it will be less you have to donate or find a way to dispose of down the line.

#5 – Hire a Moving Company to Clean Out

Movers Accokeek, MD, recommends can help you in a couple different ways; either they can assist in moving belongings or may offer much needed cleaning services. Some moving companies can package, dispose, recycle, donate and relocate items based on your needs. Having a professional move especially large, delicate or meaningful items may help alleviate your stress. You will already be dealing with plenty on your plate, so having the assistance of a company can take weight off your shoulders.


Do not be afraid to ask for help during this process from other family members. It can be taxing to deal with the loss of your loved one, in addition to clearing out a home that may have a great amount of sentimentality. It may be your childhood home, and taking on the responsibility of cleaning it out alone may become too wearing. Ask for help or hire others, and take a break when needed.



Thanks to our friends and contributors from Suburban Solutions for their insight into moving services.