Sometimes you can get away with murder.  Well, maybe not murder but tax evasion.  On 12-7-17 Governor Malloy of Connecticut announced an amnesty program for CT state taxes.  In most instances, you will want to talk to a tax lawyer to assess your liabilities and exposure before proceeding.  Essentially, Connecticut is offering to allow people to report old unpaid taxes for CT and they will waive the penalties and most of the interest in an effort to collect unpaid CT taxes.  In addition, they will not pursue criminal prosecution and may limit the number of years they look back.  It won’t apply if an audit has already started or the State is already addressing the issue.  It covers pretty much all state taxes including income, sales, business, and gift taxes. This is a good program for people who have back taxes they need to pay.  They can pay them, get peace of mind, eliminate a potential criminal problem, and limit the amount of money they have to pay since the penalties and interest were often significant.  The amnesty ends on 11-30-18, so the time frame is limited to correct past sins.  If you want to discuss your options and talk to a seasoned Tax Lawyer call Sweeney Legal at (203) 216-6877, email us or visit us at