The Connecticut law governing LLC’s has had a major revision and it is effective July 1, 2017.

This is the first revision of the Connecticut Limited Liability Company Act since its passage in 1993. The new law is called the Connecticut Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.  (HB 5259). It is modeled after the Revised Uniform LLC Act issued by the American Bar Association which means it is well drafted and thought out.

The Act is updates the law in many ways and creates a more business-friendly legal environment for LLCs.  It requires LLC’s which render professional services to have PLLC in the name.  The Act supersedes the current LLC law, but it does not affect actions taken before the effective date of the current law.

If you have an existing LLC, you do not need to do anything since they are all grandfathered but this law will modernize Connecticut law on LLC’s going forward.