I get the call all the time.  I would like to form a corporation to start a business or I want to incorporate my existing business, “how much do you charge”.

Well, the truth is that the actual charges to incorporate are around $350 here in Connecticut.  That is the state fee plus $100 for the incorporation service.   And you can do it yourself on the internet. So what is the reason you should pay me a fee for 2 hours of my time?

The reason is that incorporating a business is not about filing a piece of paper with the Secretary of State (which is what the incorporation services do), it is about making the correct initial decisions.  These decisions have substantial ramifications and potentially large costs.

The decisions are Choice of Entity, State of Incorporation, Limited Liability, Tax Elections, Licenses, Intellectual Property, and Business Prenuptial.  Mistakes are costly and hard to correct.  In addition, you get business, legal and finance advice to make sure you get off on the correct foot.

Bottom line, my fee is Cheap Insurance. Hey, it is your choice, pay me now or pay me later.

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